A colorful collection
OF handmade goods

LoCATED IN railroad square | Tallahassee


Located in Tallahassee's Historic Railroad Square Art Park

The Creative Pool Design expands to include a retail shop with the mission to offer colorful handmade items from artists and craftsman who have a unique point of view. From jewelry, handbags and artwork to kid's items, textiles and home decor—POP! SHOP has items you will not find anywhere else in Tallahassee. 

POP! SHOP cares about our impact on the earth and its creatures so our goods are environmentally thoughtful and ethically sourced. We are also proud to offer selections of in-house designs which are all produced on items made in America.

Come see what's happening at Railroad Square and find something extraordinary at POP! SHOP. 






Railroad Square
1014 Commercial Dr.
Tallahassee, FL 32310



W-F 12p–6p
First Friday 12p–8p
Sat 10a–6p

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